Burr & Hamilton: A Drama for Voices


Note the special overstock price!  The second collaboration between author Jeff Humphries and illustrator Betsy Bowen. The two hundredth anniversary of the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr has passed. As this bicentennial approached, a number of historians revisited the event in works both popular and scholarly. This is not a work of history. It takes liberties with form and substance that are not permitted to the professional historian. What does it offer in return that they cannot? The story is reduced to an absolute minimum of circumstantial detail on the assumption that such pruning, severe and judicious, might cause an organic line to be revealed - this is a principle of Japanese art, and not the only one in play here. It will, of course, be for others to say if this historical minimalism has been successful, whether the essential, stark, brutal shape of the events has been revealed. Philsgood Press 2011. Signed by Betsy. Price: $19.95 On sale for $2.00

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